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The Hunter Action Fund

Ahead of the November 2020 elections, HAF was the only Super PAC that deployed real resources to defend pro-hunting, pro-Second Amendment incumbents and candidates. HAF's approach uses sophisticated data modeling to determine which hunters and gun owners are most likely to vote and which messages will most effectively motivate them in a given election cycle. As a result, the leadership of HAF has a proven track record of success in engaging and activating pro-hunting and pro-Second Amendment voters in our country's most critical elections.

The mission of HAF is to help elect pro-hunting, pro-Second Amendment candidates to office across the country.

In the 2020 election cycle, HAF was the only Super PAC that specifically engaged hunters in Alabama, Alaska and Montana. We went 3 for 3 in these elections by spending wisely and strategically to educate and activate hunters. For example, HAF sent nearly 400,000 targeted direct mail pieces to Second Amendment supporters and hunters statewide in those three states. In addition, HAF sent tens of thousands of "Sportsmen For" bumper stickers in the Presidential race, 13 U.S. Senate races and 18 U.S. House races in support of SCI-PAC endorsed candidates.

HAF may accept contributions from U.S. individuals and U.S. corporate entities that are not federal government contractors
HAF may accept contributions of any amount
HAF may make independent expenditures in support of candidates

HAF vs. Tradition PAC

Hunter Action Fund Traditional PAC
Member Contributions Allowed? Yes Yes
Non-Member Contributions Allowed? Yes No
Foreign Contributions Allowed? No No
Corporate Contributions Allowed? Yes No
Affliate/Chapter Contributions Allowed? Yes - only 501(c) prohibited No
FEC Reporting Required Yes Yes
Contribution Limit Unlimited $5,000