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The Hunter Action Fund

Over the past few years the Supreme Court has fundamentally transformed how elections can be funded. Now, legal contributions from corporations and high-dollar donors are having an increasing influence in elections. There is no question that Super PACs are reshaping the election landscape.

Sportsmen and women must adapt to these changing laws to stay competitive with anti-hunting extremists. In the last Presidential election cycle, anti-hunting groups exploited these new laws to target candidates who supported hunting. Anti-hunting zealots funneled more than $20,000,000 of Super PAC funding into efforts to defeat candidates who support our hunting heritage. During the 2012 election cycle, hunters became the hunted.

That is why we urge you to support the Hunter Action Fund (HAF). The HAF is the only Super PAC solely dedicated to protecting the rights of hunters in federal elections. Now more than ever, your support for HAF is needed as our rights and hunting heritage are squarely in the crosshairs this election cycle.

The Advantages of Super PAC Status for the Hunter Action Fund

The HAF will complement existing PACs and allow our allies to focus PAC dollars on direct candidate contributions, while HAF dollars can be used to fund independent expenditure campaigns that can make the difference between winning and losing key election battles.

Most PACs can only solicit donations from members of their parent groups. The HAF does not have this limitation and can solicit from all U.S. citizens, chapters, other national groups, and even from corporations. The HAF gives the hunting community the ability to exponentially increase its political fundraising ability.

The HAF is also not subject to the $5,000 annual donation limit that is currently placed on conventional PACs.

HAF vs. Tradition PAC

Hunter Action Fund Traditional PAC
Member Contributions Allowed? Yes Yes
Non-Member Contributions Allowed? Yes No
Foreign Contributions Allowed? No No
Corporate Contributions Allowed? Yes No
Affliate/Chapter Contributions Allowed? Yes - only 501(c) prohibited No
FEC Reporting Required Yes Yes
Contribution Limit Unlimited $5,000